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Everything You Need To Know About Prepless Veneers

At Oceanfront Dental, we provide veneers to help improve our patient's teeth both physically and aesthetically. Read below to learn more about prepless veneers from our Vancouver dentists.

A dental veneer is a layer of material put over teeth to help keep them looking and feeling their best. Our Vancouver dentists want to share how one of the main reasons people get this procedure is that it protects teeth from surface damage, which can lead to unwanted dental visits and discoloration.

So, What are Prepless Veneers?

They make the process even better by eliminating the need for tooth reduction. Tooth reduction can be the biggest con of regular dental veneers and the reason people turn away from them.

Now, like any procedure, there are pros and cons. It’s important to note that while tooth reduction is no longer an issue, it does pose a different problem. Typically, those who get accepted for prepless veneers have room at the front of their teeth to bring them forward about 1mm.

This may not be the case for everyone, so it’s important to run this by your dentist before taking any concrete steps.

Top Things To Know About Prepless Veneers:

Think tough: Prepless veneers can actually be stronger than standard veneers and the natural enamel already on your teeth.

Multifunctional: Yes, they can help with enamel, but prepless veneers can also fix cosmetic dental issues like gaps and stains.

Sturdy & worry-free: These veneers are all individually connected to your teeth with strong cement so you don’t need to worry about them moving around. Most veneers last for a decade, sometimes even two!

No stains: You’ll find that your prepless veneers shouldn’t stain. However, it’s important to watch out for other things that may chip them, like using your teeth to open something.

Less procedure time, more you time: A typical veneer procedure (including prep) can take around eight weeks.  This can be very intrusive to any schedule. With prepless veneers, the time is often much shorter and can be done in an in-house lab.

Au naturel: These veneers are so thin and intricate that they are made just for you and should match your tooth color. If, for some reason, something’s off, no need to worry. They’re easy to alter so they can always be sure to meet your needs.

Be picky: Taking the time to research and find a dentist who will be able to give you the best experience will be crucial. The look and functionality of the prepless veneers will ultimately be up to who is putting them in. Take the time to meet the dentist performing the procedure to make sure they’re a good fit and put your needs first.


Overall, prepless veneers can be a great procedure to have done if you qualify. It has all the benefits of a traditional veneer job without the tooth reduction.

There are many pros, like how they are multifunctional, sturdy, long-lasting, etc. But it’s important to ensure that you are taking the time to figure out if you are eligible and putting yourself in the hands of the right dentist to ensure you can have the smile you deserve.

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